All of my life I have been an artist, painting, creating art, and living with vibrant colors. Colors for me are very important. I believe that color can change places, people and lives. I was born in Colombia, South America.

When I was a child, I was always very connected to colors.
Colombia is a place where flowers bloom all year, where there is sun and strong light throughout the year, where there are rivers and blue seas.
Even the houses are painted different, vibrant colors.

In my adult life, I moved to the United States. Living in a country that has seasons was different for me. In the winter months I always felt that something was missing. In that time, I was always thinking of the beautiful colors of my native Colombia.

The first time that I moved to Europe was in 2003, first to France, then to Germany. While I love Germany, the winters are gray and the sun disappears for several months each year.

All this time, I have been painting and creating art. I have surrounded myself with colors. In my life, color is everywhere. In my art, color is everywhere. Color has brought happiness to my life and has been a constant in my life, in Colombia, in the United States, in France, and in Germany.

Color is life to me. Colors have changed people’s lives. Colors have impacted, improved and changed my life. That is why I want people to experience the same that I have experienced with colors, through my art. In my art, I have expressed life, hope, nature, the universe and spirit through color.